Relationship, involvement, and commitment are key ingredients in any successful school - ingredients which require a conscious decision and time.  We recommend, therefore, that new families take time to get to know us and how our school operates before deciding to enroll your children.  Please plan a time to bring your child(ren) in while school is in session, if possible, to look around and ask questions.  Applicants for enrollment are interviewed and a personal reference and pastoral recommendation are requested.  (New high school students are typically enrolled only at the beginning of a new quarter.)

HLCA's in-house registration is held the month of April.  New Families can register the following week.  

Steps Toward Enrollment

1.  Parents review the School Handbook.

2.  If, after reviewing the Handbook, you decide to apply for enrollment, fill out and return the
registration form and sign the parental support letter, indicating to us that you have read the Handbook.  Call the office or submit the form below and schedule an interview with the Principal .

3.  All parents and children need to attend the interview.  If there is an opening, the Principal will review your registration form and give approval.  Once accepted, you will be given the required forms for enrollment.  Fill out the required forms and return them to the school office with the registration fee.  It is at this time you will need to inform the the school office of your
tuition plan for payment and complete the proper forms.  If there aren't any openings, your name will be placed on a waiting list for consideration for future openings.  New students must provide immunization records as required by Idaho law.


Request an interview with the principal

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Please note: We do not have appropriate staff in place to administer student medications.  Nor do we have adequate staffing to provide excessive individual attention and the extra instruction needed for students with special learning needs.

House of the Lord Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, or ethnic origin.