Our Mission Statement

House of the Lord Christian Academy, a ministry of House of the Lord Church, has been established to exalt the Lord in the lives of the Students, their Parents, and the Community through the study of the Word of God and the study of an educational curriculum based on God's Word and not the vain philosophy of man. We look for the results of these studies to be twofold:

  1. to impact the lives of individuals and the life of this nation for righteousness, right-standing, right-living, and right-thinking before God;
  2. to raise up and train leaders who will stand for the same and seek to actively make a difference in favor of godliness. 

Our Commitment

...is to an educational atmosphere that will not only prepare our young men and women for higher education, but also, for them to become a witness to the world of God's marvelous work within their lives.

Our Goal

...is to prepare young men and women to change the world through a merging of God's Word and Power with a quality educational curriculum solidly based upon the Biblical principles of Christian maturity. Our school consists of students ranging from preschool through grade twelve. Open enrollment is available for preschool through sixth grade and we admit junior high and high school students who have shown, through their words and actions, a desire to excel. In addition, we try to offer quality electives to supplement the core curriculum.

Our Representation

...of Purple and Black, our school colors, symbolize the Royalty we serve. Our mascot, the Panther, symbolizes the spirit with which we serve our Master and Lord.

*  This Christian ministry does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educaitonal policies, scholarship programs, and athletic, or other school-administered programs.