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*Drop In rate:  $25.00/full day (more than 5 hours)  $15.00/half day (less than 5 hours) 

*A family with more than one child may qualify for a 25% discount per additional child.

  Please give Kidzcare caregivers 24 hour notice so they can make you aware of any pre-scheduled activities.


*Part time rate:  - If your child will be attending 5-10 days in a month, they will be considered'Part time' - $200.00/month.

Part time needs to be pre-scheduled dates. Calendars will be available.


*Full time rate:  If your child/ren will be attending more than 10 days in a month, they will be considered 'Full time" - $400.00/month.



We look forward to offering field trips such as Vacation Bible School, Mudhole swim dates, and City Park outings.  Having a fully sceduled staff will make these outings more manageable as they often require additional help.


Please share concerns or suggestions with our Kidzcare staff, Janet Kroynovich (509)413-6760, Sally Redinger (208)818-1361, or Candy Craddick (509)671-0088