High  School

Before admission to High School, all students, both prospective and those returning, will undergo an interview process to determine admission.  Acceptance will be based upon student desire to academically achieve, knowing resources are limited, and student desire to promote a positive Christian atmosphere in the school.

At  HLCA, you will meet some awesome teachers who will prepare you for college and life after high school. HLCA not only gives you the required college prep classes to take but offers you some fun electives and lots of extracurricular activities in which to be involved  such as soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

 We have educational activities,such as our school newspaper and yearbook, a debate class, and a chance to take an awesome missions outreach every other year.  If being a leader appeals to you, make sure you get in the running to be an ASB officer.

Still don't have enough to do? A prayer group could be started, a pep rally planned, or the Thanksgiving baskets be put together...

Here is a list of our High School Teachers and their subjects:

High School :

Melanie Schultz:Senior Project, Math, Speech, Drama

Kathy Johnson: English, SAT/Film

Dennis Wilson: Biolgy, PreCalc, Physical Science

Pastor Mitch McGee: Bible

John Poisel: Bible, Small Engine

Mary Poisel: Yearbook

Corene Jones: Art

Debbie Hunt: English, Spanish


Pastor Jeff Ecklund - Pastor

Pastor Robie Ecklund - Pastor