The Bible is our primary book for Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.

Our core curriculum for Pre-school through grade 6 is A Beka and Bob Jones.  These are Biblically-based curriculum, which we have found to be ideal for the younger grades in the small Christian school setting.  Our spelling curriculum is ASCI which we have found to be excellent in its presentation.  Other curriculum such as PACE, may be used to bring a student to an acceptable performance level.

New students are diagnostically tested to identify any gaps in their learning, and curriculum is prescribed according to their actual level of performance.  The scope and sequence of our curriculum moves with continuous progress from the first skill to be mastered on through the next skill in sequence.

We have found that for the Junior High and High School grades, traditional lecture classes are important in developing the listening and note-taking skills needed for college.  For most of these classes we use A Beka and Bob Jones curriculum.